Christ’s Heart Ministries Kampala.

Having arrived from Kenya, I travelled to Kampala to preach at  Christ’s Heart Ministries on Saturday evening and Sunday morning and evening.

I met with the pastors of Christ’s Heart during the afternoon where we discussed strategies for growing the church.

Rev. Keith preaching.

Bishop Isaiah

Bishop Isaiah is the founder of Christ’s Heart Ministries which has several branch churches around Kampala.



Christ’s Heart Ministries

Lunchtime Services:

I ministered at both lunchtime student services on Monday and Tuesday where I ministered prophetically and taught the university students.





Next Generation Conference:

This was the 5th year of the conference and my second time ministering.

My teaching focused on taking personal responsibility for our own salvation and maturity. God’s plan is that we no longer stay children but grow up in Him.

Next Generation Conference

Moses Dombo 

Pastor Moses attended on the Tuesday evening of the conference and closed the meeting.