Apostle Eddie Sempala

Author of Uganda God's Generals, Campus Generals and Overcoming Fear

I received Rev Keith to speak at the Youth Impact Conference in Kampala, Uganda in 2016 and I say without hesitation that he is a wonderful prophetic teacher of the Word of God.

He taught the Word and also ministered in the anointing flowing in 'Words of Knowledge ' quite accurately.

I am honoured to recommend to the 'Body of Christ' his ministry.

Bishop Patrick Muhumuza

Director & Overseer, Christ Vision Ministries, Fort Portal, Uganda

Rev Dr Keith Poole is known to me for his tremendous teaching in relation to leadership skills, traits and practices.

His teachings are highly reliable, sound and recommendable to all leaders around the globe.

He equips leaders in Africa in his encounters with them in different forums and in my capacity as an extinguished leader I have learnt much from him.

He teaches at the Annual Alert to Equip Leadership Conference here in Fort Portal and many leaders attend and receive revelation as to the role of leadership.

I therefore unreservedly recommend and leadership schools, organisations and governmental departments to fully explore and utilise the gift of Rev. Keith's teaching skills for their successful leadership roles.

Fr. Tony Palmer †

Community Minister and Founding Community Member The Ark Community

We have known Keith & Jenny Poole since 1995, when we were all fellow Students at Rhema Bible Training Centre in Randburg, South Africa. Keith was the College 1st year Head Monitor while I was the College Senior Head Monitor, thus we worked together very closely. This ministerial relationship has developed into a solid Friendship, and now (2008), mine and Keith’s families are intimately entwined in Friendship, Ministry and Business… in short we share life in all areas.

Thus we have come to know Keith and his Family very well and have watched them overcome both “good & bad” times and to our amazment, they always overcame “the Christian way” and are surely a testimony to us all.

It is because of Keith & Jenny’s personal approach and consistency in all aspects of their lives, that we believe they truly represent Jesus’ ministry through the Ministry He gave them, being “Equip4success”, as this ministry is about living the abundant life in ALL areas of life… not on Sundays only!

Dualism, the scourge of believing we can live a “spiritual” life and a “natural” life... with one “way” of living for Sunday and “another” for the other 6 days of the week, has left deep scars on our culture and conscience. Equip4success Ministries is an attempt to minister to ALL areas of life using Biblical principles that can bring success in our Families, Careers, Churches and our Recreational time. As a modern society we need to reconcile and unite our Faith to our Lifestyle, we are called by Christ to LIVE what we BELIEVE and to put the Kingdom’s Principles into Practice… it is time to put the Lamp on the Hill Top…!

We, The Ark Community, believe that Keith & Jenny will help many in this challenge, through Equip4success Ministries.

Pastor Paul Pearson

Assemblies of God Minister

I would like to commend Keith and Jenny Poole as leaders of integrity, perseverance and faith. Having known them for several years, I have found them to be full of God’s grace and a passion to see the kingdom of God increase. Equip 4 Success is a much needed tool for today's church. As we seek to raise disciples for Christ, Equip 4 Success can only benefit your church. I wholly recommend it.

Following is a report from one of the leaders of La Maison de l’Eternel:

Arden Lockwood, PMP, MBA

Conseil d’Administration La Maison de l’Eternel Avignon, France

It was through a God-ordained meeting that I first met Keith and Jenny Poole of Equip 4 Success, during the Ark Community’s 2008 Winter Retreat near Padua, Italy. Despite our varied cultural experiences from America to France and from England to South Africa, it seems we had known each other forever. Isn’t that the way when we are truly led of His Spirit?

During a moment of local, French church transition just a few months later, I was pleased to find that the Pooles are true ministers of the Good News. They are committed to praying for Christians they know and those they’ve never met from around the world. My pastor, Eric Gabillas, and our leadership team were pleasantly surprised at the genuine and generous spirit of Keith and Jenny as they offered to travel to our church for a weekend of ministry of encouragement.

Keith ministered the living Word of God to the congregation healing from an emotional season of change. He brought hope and life through his teachings and the signs following. The family’s ease and adaptability to join us in our homes and in our church, and to interact professionally and casually through inexperienced translators, reflected the graciousness of the love of Christ.

As our church has become La Maison de l’Eternel in Avignon, France, we are excited to gain the commitment of Keith and his Bible College teaching and administration experiences to help us launch our first year of the Ecole Biblique d’Avignon. Continuing to work beyond borders and cultures, we have high hopes that Keith’s ministry of the Word of God will continue to transform our leadership team, our church members, and our communities in the south of France.

May God receive all of the glory for his “good and faithful” servant and handmaiden who labor well in His harvest of souls.

Your sister in Christ,

Arden Lockwood, PMP, MBA
Conseil d’Administration
La Maison de l’Eternel
Avignon, France

Pastors Eric and Jocelyne Gabillas

Maison de l’Eternel Avignon, France

Keith and Jenny Poole arrived in our little village of Sarrians and the connection was instantly made. We have appreciated the exchanges and we have seen ourselves connected to each other.

We don’t know how or why we have this connection, but it’s like a puzzle for which God is responsible for putting together all of the pieces. From our point of view, it’s like a beautiful countryside in which a wonderful work of art is developing.

We praise God for this relationship with the Pooles to aide us with this work to save souls in France. We are very proud to have Keith and Jenny as our partners.

And this is just a beginning..

With all of our hearts,

Pastors Eric and Jocelyne Gabillas
Maison de l’Eternel
Avignon, France