We have known Keith & Jenny Poole since 1995, when we were all fellow Students at Rhema Bible Training Centre in Randburg, South Africa. Keith was the College 1st year Head Monitor while I was the College Senior Head Monitor, thus we worked together very closely. This ministerial relationship has developed into a solid Friendship, and now (2008), mine and Keith’s families are intimately entwined in Friendship, Ministry and Business… in short we share life in all areas.

Thus we have come to know Keith and his Family very well and have watched them overcome both “good & bad” times and to our amazment, they always overcame “the Christian way” and are surely a testimony to us all.

It is because of Keith & Jenny’s personal approach and consistency in all aspects of their lives, that we believe they truly represent Jesus’ ministry through the Ministry He gave them, being “Equip4success”, as this ministry is about living the abundant life in ALL areas of life… not on Sundays only!

Dualism, the scourge of believing we can live a “spiritual” life and a “natural” life… with one “way” of living for Sunday and “another” for the other 6 days of the week, has left deep scars on our culture and conscience. Equip4success Ministries is an attempt to minister to ALL areas of life using Biblical principles that can bring success in our Families, Careers, Churches and our Recreational time. As a modern society we need to reconcile and unite our Faith to our Lifestyle, we are called by Christ to LIVE what we BELIEVE and to put the Kingdom’s Principles into Practice… it is time to put the Lamp on the Hill Top…!

We, The Ark Community, believe that Keith & Jenny will help many in this challenge, through Equip4success Ministries.
Fr. Tony Palmer †
Community Minister and Founding Community Member
The Ark Community