Bible Teaching Courses

The aim of the Equip 4 Success Bible Teaching program is to equip Christians with knowledge and understanding from God’s Word, and the wisdom to apply it in a practical way, leading to success in every area of life.

The courses are suitable for Christians of all maturity levels and experience, as teaching from God’s Word will always enrich and add value to life.

Equip 4 Success offers a wide range of Bible teaching within the course, from studies of books of the Bible to practical teaching on Biblical principles such as finance and relationships. Subjects can be selected for one-off workshops or weekend conferences, or you can choose weekly teaching classes to suit your requirements. Please contact us to find out more.

A small number of the subjects available for the Bible Teaching Courses are detailed below:


Faith is the foundation of our Christian lives, and the way in which God instructs us to live (Rom 1:17). Therefore it is vital for Christians to understand what faith is, and how to actively live by faith every single day. This course alone will change your life as you come to understand the power of living by faith and receiving all that God has for you.

  Subjects include:How does faith come? 
 What is faith? 
 How to live a life of faith 
 The way in which faith pleases God 
 The power of speaking God’s Word…and more


Physical health and wholeness is part of our salvation, and can be our present experience here on earth (Is 53:4,5). You do not have to accept sickness and poor health in your body as Jesus died to make you whole. Through the Bible Teaching Course learn how to apply the gift of healing that Jesus has for you.

  Subjects include:Does God still heal today? 
 Emotional wholeness 
 Ways to receive healing & wholeness 
 How to walk in freedom 
 Road blocks to healing…and more


God wants His people to prosper and be whole in spirit, soul and body (3 John 2). During this course discover how you can apply Biblical principles in your life, Church or ministry in order to prosper and fulfil God’s plan, both for yourself and the people waiting to be blessed by you.

  Subjects include:What does it mean to prosper? 
 Correct Biblical definitions of prosperity 
 How can I know this is God’s will for me? 
 Stumbling blocks to prosperity…and more

People Skills

The Bible is full of instructions on how to relate with others and work together successfully. This course will give you the necessary tools from God’s Word to build healthy relationships in every area, and to appreciate the people God has placed you with.

  Subjects include:The different types of relationships 
 Understanding people 
 Dealing with conflict 
 Temperament gifting 
 What motivates people?…and more