Leadership Training

It has been said that everything rises and falls on leadership. Leadership is the tool that God has set in place to bring about positive change in the lives of people. A good leader will support, encourage and motivate people to grow, change and develop whereas a poor leader will stifle, discourage and prevent people from fulfilling their purpose.

The mandate God has given Equip 4 Success is to teach and train leaders according to Biblical principles and in practical ways, to see them grow and reach their own potential and, in so doing, to be instrumental in helping those they lead fulfil their potential, by completing the courses in Leadership Training.

Subjects include: Discovering your gifts  
  Being secure in who God has made you to be  
  The forgotten character of a leader  
  Managing conflict  
  Developing your own leadership style  
  The discipline of a leader      …and more


The following list gives more detail on specific Leadership Training courses:


Every leader needs a good team. If you get the wrong mix of people and gifting, your team will be imbalanced and unable to function to its God given potential. Identifying the right person can add great value to a team; identifying the wrong person will cause many problems to occur. This short leadership training course will help you build a strong, balanced team with personality and gifting complementing each other, to work together to achieve greatness.


Change is never easy and you will often meet a tremendous amount of opposition when trying to implement new things. People prefer to stay in their comfort zone and will use every means possible to stay there.


  Subjects include: Start with you  
  Identifying what needs to be changed  
  How to implement the necessary changes  
  Following through with change and dealing
with opposition
  Don’t give up  …and more

One definition of a leader is “to identify, train and release your successor.” Many leaders find it hard to identify and develop new leaders, for a number of reasons.

This leadership training course will not only help you to find and train new leaders, but also to develop your existing leadership. We should always be implementing and developing new things to improve our lives – this course will help you find out how.


Identifying gifting in people is a vital skill, both to see people fulfilled and to ensure that roles are carried out effectively. There are frequently positions that never seem to be occupied and a shortage of people who get involved. This is often because people struggle to know what they can do and no one helps them discover what they are gifted in doing. There is a willingness to serve but a lack of knowledge as to how.

This leadership training course will provide you, as a leader, with keys to help people find their place as you teach them to identify their gifting and what motivates them.


Mentoring is a lost art in many circles, yet it is an important and effective way to invest in the lives of others and help them to improve and develop. A mentoring relationship provides a secure place where people can be taught, trained, coached and given opportunities for personal growth. Building a positive mentoring relationship also gives a good platform to address areas in people’s lives that need to improve.


  Subjects include: What mentoring is and its goals and objectives  
  The practical aspects of mentoring