Parenting Training

The aim of the Equip 4 Success Parenting Course is to educate, train, inspire and empower parents to be better equipped in their parenting role.

The Parenting Course is aimed at parents who have children aged from birth to the end of Primary School, although many of the principles taught could be applied to older children. The parenting courses would also be beneficial preparation for married couples who are considering parenthood.

The course can be taught in its entirety, or specific subjects can be chosen for a one-off workshop or weekend conference, depending on your requirements.


God places a huge amount of value on children, and on what they can experience and achieve in His kingdom (Mk 10:14). Through the Parenting Course learn what God says about children in the Bible, and understand afresh the significant role of parenthood and the precious gift God has entrusted you with.


  Subjects include: What does God say about children?  
  What part do children play in God’s kingdom?   
  The high calling of being a parent   …and more

One of the most essential – and often the most difficult – aspects of parenting is establishing and maintaining boundaries. Children need boundaries, as knowing what they can and cannot do gives them security and enables them to develop their character and giftings within a safe and stable environment. With the Parenting Course learn how to implement boundaries and enjoy a more peaceful home life!


  Subjects include: Why boundaries?  
  What boundaries do my children need?  
  How to establish and maintain boundaries       …and more

Often misunderstood and neglected, discipline is not the same as punishment but is a vital part of bringing up children to be whole, successful adults. Discipline is a positive word and involves training children in obedience for their improvement. Overcome your concerns once and for all by learning how to apply the principle of discipline God has provided in your family. You will be amazed at the results!


  Subjects include: What is discipline?  
  The Biblical stance on disciplining children  
  Methods of discipline       …and more

Children are clearly very different from each other and have different needs, which can make parenting a challenge! Did you know that your children’s behaviour and personality are linked to their motivational gifts? Through this parenting course, learning to recognise and develop your children’s gifts will bear great fruit in their lives and will also lead to improvement in every area of your home life – relationships, communication and even the very atmosphere of your home.


  Subjects include: What are motivational gifts?  
  How to identify them in children  
  How to train children in their gifts       …and more

Communication is a hugely significant part of family life as it is the chief method by which we relate to each other. Many principles, feelings and behaviour patterns are established in our children by the way in which we communicate with them. With this parenting course learn how to be a good role model in this vital area, and provide your children with the building blocks to communicate effectively themselves.


  Subjects include: Effective communication  
  How to build your children up  
  Listen to your children     …and more

Parenthood is hard work but can be the most enjoyable part of your life. If you have become ‘bogged down’ in the practical aspects of being a parent, take time to step back and gain a new perspective on your family life. Remind yourself to give quality time to your children and to have fun with them. This parenting course will benefit your whole family.


  Subjects include: Planning quality time with your children  
  Having fun together  
  Leisure and family activities …and more

There are many different relationships within a family in addition to that between parent and child, and each plays an important role in helping to create a happy family. Learn how to encourage positive relationships between the members of your family, and to teach your children how to relate well to others.


  Subjects include: Sibling relationships  
  Relating to extended family and friends  
  How to model good relationship skills   …and more

Bringing up children can be a tiring and challenging experience. It is essential to safeguard the most important relationship you have within the family – that of husband and wife – and make quality time for each other. When your marriage is strong, you will approach parenthood with added strength and support, and will also provide a valuable example to your children.


  Subjects include: Making time for each other  
  Resolving conflict together  
  The importance of being in unity   …and more

Parenting involves a huge number of practical issues, ranging from getting children to sleep at night to caring for them financially. While the details will be different for each family, there are various principles that can help in formulating an effective parenting plan to care for your family.


  Subjects include: Establishing positive routines  
  Financial budgeting for the family  
  Managing your time …and more